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Little update, as promised.

Got the bulbs, and mounted them immediately (there's no need to take the headlights out, if you're patient and have small fingers ). Color is much whiter than stock, it's perfect. I wish they were brighter though (they're less visible in the direct sun), but that's no big deal.
Only problem: I had errors on the dash, for both bulbs. I emailed the seller, and told him about this issue, as they're supposed to be error less. Seller thought that my bulbs may be defective, and offered to send me another pair of bulbs. I accepted... but the new bulbs also threw the same errors on the dash. This means a "ding" sound every time you start the engine, and ome more every time you turn the engine off. That's not for me...
Seller thinks there's something specific on my car these bulbs can't comply with. We agreed on a refund. I sent all bulbs back (the 4 of them), and got my Paypal account refunded a few days later.

Making a long story short: nice product, well worth the price, if it complies with you car (or if you don"t mind the "ding" sounds"). Seller is OK.