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Originally Posted by shiftdnb View Post
Both of these are great games. I enjoy AC for it's ability to work with mods. I can take basically any car I want and drive in LA Canyons or the Pacific Coast Highway. It's more of my relaxing driving sim. ACC is good but I found the online to be lacking. I'd do a race and immediately get thrown into something else. No idea my final position or any kind of competition feel. I've heard there are some servers with good outside organization like a league. I enjoyed ACC's single player driver mode. Like I said before, if you're looking for online competition against a lot of good drivers, iracing seems to be where everyone is. We just finished a SPA 24 hour race this morning that had 4 separate race time starts with a massive amount of splits in each of them.
I did notice the 24 hour races, mainly cos one popped up on my YouTube recommendations as it had Max Verstappen in it
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