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If the car isn't available with a manual I won't buy it. I am not saying which is better its what I prefer. What I find amazing is that most manual cars are sold in the US when just a few decades ago it was Europe that had the most manual tranny cars.

I would buy a Mustang GT500 tomorrow if it had a manual. I don't car if its slower in a straight line. I find the lack of involvement in cars with an auto or DCT transmission to be boring.
Man, you will never get to enjoy some great exotic cars by omitting cars that don't come in a manual. The experience in cars like Performante, 720S, Aventador, 488 Pista, 812 Superfast, etc, is amazing.

Don't let lack of a manual limit automotive experiences.
Yes and no. The experience is there, yes, but even that experience dulls over time. Driving a Huracan EVO was a supremely rewarding experience, but I wouldn't spend my money to own one simply because I wouldn't get any enjoyment out of the drive once I've acclimated to the speed (…and EVERYBODY acclimates to speed regardless of how fast the car is). All of the exotics are great, but if autos and dual clutch transmissions don't resonate with you, ultimately the car misses the mark.
Bingo, I've driven plenty of fast cars and have noticed I get bored of them after some time because it's such a sterile feeling driving an automatic. I had more fun driving my 2002 Nissan Altima 3.5 5 speed MT back in the day!
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