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Originally Posted by Kyngofpop View Post
Good-ish: when I was shopping around for my first apartment I settled on one that I liked. So happy, I took my "gurls" (gay term for close gay friends) to see the place. As we were looking over the property I looked out of the kitchen window and spotted the hottest Latin dude that I'd ever laid eyes on. I didn't say much to the "gurls" but my mind was gone. As we were leaving, the dude was out with his friends and looking at us and we were doing the cat call thing, just joking around having fun. When we got in the car, he kept his eyes on me and I threw up a head nod to say "what's up wit'chu?". Oh my friends gave me hell cause I'm a dork/stalwart and really don't make any moves on ANYONE, so me even acknowledging anyone speaking to me was a big step!!

As we were leaving he kept watching, and I told my friends "I'm gna marry THAT man!"

Fast forward to move in date and I'd gotten most of the stuff in the apartment and me and my "gurls" cooked out to celebrate the move in and they slowly dispersed as the night went on and went home. As I was cleaning up things this man grabbed two beers and made his way over. When I came back out he was standing at the back porch with two beers and said "Sup!" and introduced himself in typical Latin fashion by announcing his complete name with all surnames included. In the poorest English I've ever heard "My name's NAME WITHELD NAME WITHELD, u wanna beer?" He said all 4 names...omfG SN: I'm a sucker for VERY masculine men and this man OOZED masculinity...he practically Breathed it...Woo Lawd...I MELTED, but held it together, and thankfully I speak fluent Spanish so the communication gap shortened.

We had more beers and talked as the night went on, connecting like no other that I'd ever met in the history of LIFE. And then I made the biggest mistake of all. He offered to help me unpack and I invited him in. Not much unpacking got done because this man had me spellbound and somehow we ended up having the most intense sex for hours upon hours. I'm not "easy" but ol dude had this one in the bag from the get go.

The next day he asks me "who's moving into this big place with you" and I say "no one, just me." "You need a roommate?"

And this is what I call the longest "one night-stand" I've ever had. We lasted 5 years before he was deported. I came home one day and he was just gone...

Many good times and bad, but mostly good. The first person that my family accepted as Uncle Fred's "friend" lol. My Mom (the ultra conservative Southern Baptist Christian still asks about him....) There'd be nights we would just lie in bed and he'd ask "how could you care for me? I'm no one, I'm like a dog in the streets, people just throw me away...WHY do you Love me so much?" and I'd reply "because I mean something to me AACV" (I'd say his full name because he liked that).

I haven't dated much (if at all) since this because I don't much care to experience this sensation again. We were from two totally different backgrounds, me educated and upwardly mobile and he a "straight" illegal immigrant from El Salvador that happened to fall in Love with another man.

I still wonder what happened to him and if he still thinks about me the way I do him...idk.

But this is my "good-ish" experience, and my infamous one night stand that lasted 5 years...heh.

Btw I told yall that I was "wordy" and talked a lot...above post is a prime example.
Beautiful and sad story. I hope you fully heal and remember the great times you had.

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