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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
  • Given that you love your Tag, why do you feel the need to replace it?
  • Why, having several Rolexes, do you not wear them?
What kinds of things in general do you think you need to know to choose a new watch? Are you a burgeoning curatorial collector?

All the best.
I wear my Tag Heuer for last 17 years everyday. I love it because I bought it when I was 31 years old, it bring me the feeling of been 31 years old.
Every time I wear the Rolex make me feel old and older.
I don't want to lose or brake my feeling at 31 years old.
Must be... I am naive.
I want a remarkable thing that will make remember when I am being older.

I like to know how to appreciated or admire with a watch?
Are Tourbillon a much more appreciated or admire watch?
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