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Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
Just so you know, I was stoked to have finally picked up a x2 teleconverter to use w/ my 70-200L and took a pic of the moon the other night. Then I saw your pic and crawled back in my hole. Now I'm considering a 100-400L before the next full moon comes in (and a R5). Thanks a lot! lol

Seriously, though, that's an awesome pic!

The 100-400L is a great lens and actually works very well with a 1.4 if yoyu have a body that can f8 auto focus, which the R5 would most certainly does. If I still shot Canon I would probably already have one.

The moon can be very hit and miss depending on the atmosphere. I get better results when it rises very early in the morning darkness, but am rarely up for that