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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
My god, i fucking hate painting. I fucking hate the gene mutation that gave us all eyesight

I hate everyone.
Do you hate me as well? If so, I can understand - I am perfect after all, and people love to hate and destroy perfection.

But what about Axius - he's a wounded old bird exiled to the bitter climes of Cleveland and most certainly not perfect. No reason to hate him.

You know - an interesting experiment for you should you care to try one of your mother in law's meals blindfolded. You can't look at it at all beforehand or know what it is. I wonder if taking away your sight would improve your feelings towards the meal.

Might be more tolerable. And if not, there's always the amusing conversation starter that you wearing a blindfold while eating would provide.
Originally Posted by Lups View Post
he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.