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As a secondary thought/comment, a few members in this thread (shall remain nameless) but you know who you are, keep digging a little deep on this topic, posting stats and what not. Don't complicate it by making it political as the politicians do, it simply is what they do, it's in their job title.

I won't speak for other countries but in Canada, the fundamental of health care is not about "human right" to receive medical. It's about the money, like everything else, and when I say money, I mean tax.

For the government to collect tax, the population must be working, in order to be working it must be healthy, hence government-funded medical care. They do it because they want everyone working, so they can tax you.

Whatever State you live in now, take your gross income and whack it by:

15% if you make less than $47K
20.5% if you make between $47.5K to $97K
26.5% if you make between $97.5K to $149K
33% if you break north of $150K
Any kind of significant bonus/commission gets hit at 47.5% over and above normal base pay. We call this getting taxed at source (your job), they collect it and remit to the government monthly or quarterly depending on the thresholds/rules for submission.

(the above rates are from memory so don't crush me if I am a percent or two off)

Now, think about your current tax rate happening on your paycheck, think about your current private or company co-pay scenario, is it less or more than if you were hit with tax rates like that of Canada/Norway/Sweden etc...etc...

In the end, it's medical care, I think Canadian medical care in major cities is on par with U.S. quality. I have had procedures in both countries and I didn't feel the difference except I saw what it cost in the States and thanked God I was covered by the company. In Canada or if you had a similar system to it, you simply don't contemplate it. You don't see the cost, you don't ask the cost and they don't tell you the cost.

The one benefit I find in Canada is, ignorance is bliss when it comes to this kind of thing.
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