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I live in Canada but work in the U.S. as a CEO of a company, I can tell you seeing both sides of the equation that flat out, a government oriented system like that of Canada, Sweden, Norway, where ever, will simply not work in the U.S. I cannot be convinced otherwise. I see the group benefit costs to the company I run and every single year it increases by minimum 8% to 12%. We play with the deductibles, decrease some nice to have coverages and ensure a good, solid, meat and potatoes health care for the employee's while still accepting as much premium as we can spare and this is frankly not ideal, but the best course to take in the States.
This is so true. For years we paid for our employees medical coverage, but the costs got out of hand so we had no choice but to pass on the costs. That was tough, I thought we were going to have mutiny. No one appreciated all the years we did pay, or that fact that most other companies did not pay for their employees. We do contribute so the employee doesn't pay 100%. The yearly increases are staggering. We now offer a few different plans with different levels of coverage and deductibles so the employees can choose what works for them.

And - cmy - is it true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
Awesome handle! More of a great minds think alike!

Curious about learning more on how you guys handled the medical benefits for employee's when it was passed to the employee. This shit keeps me up at night worrying how long we can continue to cover the costs.
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