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most posts here are completely uninformed. the VA has issues mostly bureaucratic in nature. but MOST VA hospitals provide excellent care and MOST VA hospitals have an association with a major medical school - meaning that the docs at a typical state run medical school also have an appointment at a connected VA hospital and work there as well. typically VA care is quite good. the VA tends not to overload docs from a work perspective meaning that a typical VA primary care doc sees 15-20 pts a day where as a large private clinic the doc may see 30 or more patients a day. say you are at a high end hospital like harvard medical center, its MDs also work at Veteran Affairs Boston Healthcare System... for profit medicine makes money because they limit care and do the bare minimum. its pure fallacy to think that somehow the free market is going to improve medicine, it simply does not. it creates a care system that bilks insurance carriers, rations care and delivers the difference to shareholders.