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And on the other way of looking at it UCLA is govt run hospital and top 10 in America and one of best in world. So how to explain?
do you understand the difference between state and federal governments?

Also, by your earlier post, you believe the healthcare market is turning into a monopoly, and yet there are almost twice as many public hospitals as there are private hospitals. So you are somewhat correct, they are turning into a monopoly. Just not the direction you thought.

"According to the 2014 American Hospital Association Annual Survey, there are 5,686 hospitals in the United States. Of that total, 2,904 are public hospitals, and 1,060 are private. There are a total of 795,603 staffed beds in public hospitals and 118,910 staffed beds in private hospitals."
You can't argue this one from internet search, the consolidation is very well known by anyone in healthcare you sound like you are trying to argue smoking doesn't cause lung cancer. What everyone talking about isn't if it's happening but what we should do about it