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So you think the us military is more accountable or private black water company?? You won't answer I know

Also you keep talking about VA. Va is govt run doctor and hospital that is different from govt run insurance. The doctors still work for hospitals or their own office but they get paid by govt. actually right now Medicare is one of the biggest payouts already so it's not much different.

You have crazy republican fear of govt healthcare and have a lot of theory on why it's bad but there is actually proof of how good it is in the U.K. There's also a lot of proof here on how good the NIH and CDC are run. I go with proof instead of your crazy republican theoretical fear haha
the VA is government run healthcare on government run health insurance.

The VA is the best example of why we dont need the government in our healthcare or insurance. The inefficiencies of the government are staggering across all government run organizations.

maybe its because everyone wants to just sweep the shitty VAs under the rug because it doesnt affect them, but I have seen the shit care that the VA provides to close friends and family and it isnt pretty. All these people saying you will still get a choice on which procedures you get or which drs you get to see, need to look into the VA hospitals and all the issues they bring.
And on the other way of looking at it UCLA is govt run hospital and top 10 in America and one of best in world. So how to explain?