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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
Single payer is coming no matter wha you all want to say. Either it's gonna be the government or it's gonna be a private company monopoly. You pick if you pick monopoly you are insane... have you ever tried to cancel your Comcast cable haha that s what monopoly life is like except with your actual life
So if government is the only player in the game - wouldn't that also be a monopoly? Of course it would.

So - what you are really saying is that I have a choice between a government monopoly or a private monopoly? Hmm - seems like a no brainer to me then. I will take the private monopoly. The government already has a monopoly on healthcare for the VA. How's that working out? Let's take a look below:

In addition - the difference between trying to cancel my Comcast service and trying to cancel a government service, is that Comcast can't put me in jail or have me arrested or shot if I refuse and say no.

The government is tyranny and more of it should be avoided at all costs. Those like you who think it is benevolent are fools. Government is just people, only it typically tends to be people from the less desirable segments of the population at large.
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