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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
Show me an health insurance company that actually diverts profits to provide better claims pay outs for their insureds?

I've already seen first hand how claims have been handled by an insurance company with a totally unqualified doctor used to review one of my claims. I also have had the experience of having a drug be denied coverage by my insurance company when my doctor said it was the customary drug used to treat my condition of H. Pylori. My GI doc was so upset he rounded up enough drug samples in his office to give to me free of charge to get me through the treatment.

If you spend any time on any of the cancer support forums, you'll see regular posts of people fighting their insurance companies to cover procedures and scans deemed necessary by their doctors. Speaking of which, I was also denied a specific cardiac MRI scan due to a confirmed dilation of the aortic root of my heart. My insurance company said the CT scan I had for my cancer follow up was enough and the MRI was not necessary.
I don’t disagree with you at all on this; although our claims experience has been very good I still have to fight now and then. As there become fewer and fewer insurance companies they are dictating more and more what they will cover and pay; this will become really bad in a single insurance company scheme, and likely unbearable if it is the federal government.

My point was simply that “not for profit” status doesn’t change any of this.