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So talk to accountants who are familiar with commuted values, as I recall most require that you commute the value before you turn 50. I looked at it seriously, and for me I like the security of a monthly check for life, oh and if I predecease my wife she get's a check for life as well. There are lots of things to consider with commuting. Generally you'll have to find work for a few years after and invest at a better rate than your pension provider gets, and given they have a ton of cash to play with that'll be tough. If you expect to die young and are divorced then go for it. You can leave your cash to your kids because they generally don't benefit from your pension. But seriously, if you're thinking of doing this, talk to a pension specialist as there are lots of pitfalls. FTR, I've been retired 5 years now with a DBP, I have already taken out more than I put in, my take home is now just a bit more than I retired and I just turned 60. Just some food for thought.
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