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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Well, let's say you were an FBI agent and you were investigating me. Clearly you and I disagree politically, and clearly you're a biased Trump lover.

So should I conclude, because you're biased, that:

(a.) You're unethical and incapable of being a professional, or

(b.) Despite your bias, I can trust you to be a professional.

I'd trust you, and I don't find you different than any of the FBI agents you claim were "busted".

Your belief that Trump is the victim of an FBI conspiracy that protected his campaign and got him elected President borders on laughable - nope, is laughable - and is a strike against your trustworthiness ... because people so distrusting of career professionals were/are probably dirty themselves.

At least that's been my experience.
I love Trump as much as I love you and the guilty agents did it to themselves. Nobody but themselves are to blame. You seem to find what they've done to be acceptable.

It's not my belief that this is a sham, it's reality and will present itself as each day passes. The OIG report will hopefully open your eyes and confirm the jibber you trust coming from MSNBC has and will continue to be utter horse shite. Also; Judge Ellis has finally received the unredacted scope and we should hear about it soon enough.

Put team Mueller onto any company with their unbridled powers, an exterminator in Boise to Sony, and they'll find something. C'mon man.

Your post reminds me of a herringbone sport coat, birdseed and a border collie.
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