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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Well here's the thing gonz: I probably have more fun than I should ribbing you, and, call me stupid, but I trust you.

You don't strike me as stupid, unethical, or ideological. You're definitely biased, and you and I definitely disagree on some things, but I suspect way less than we magnify here in this fun house mirror.

What I'm saying is, I would trust you to be a professional with me whatever our disagreements might be and whatever your biases might be.

Is my trust in you misplaced?
While the cod marinades, cilantro, lime and garlic, I'll take a stab here.
In person people initially might find me a bit direct and maybe brash. Get past that shield and I'm as loyal as they come. I don't lie, well if an emergency some how justifies it, I dont cheat and despise those that do. True friends, I can count with my hands. The rest are posing. I can tell.
I just can't stand Hillary. Bigly.

If we had dinner and drinks you'd probably have side aches. I've been called a funny sob a few times. No politics talk. I really cringe from the discussions but I can't golf 24/7.
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