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Been with USAA for over 37 years. I've noticed a steady decline in service and integrity.

A few years ago, we had a severe hail storm that very clearly damaged our roof, deck, fencing, siding, etc. USAA came out and promptly declined the claim, yet every one of my neighbors were getting claims approved without the adjuster even climbing on the roof - you could SEE the damage from the driveway, deck, fence, etc.

I also had a claim for a simple windshield on my BMW AH3. After being stuck in "Claims" status with no update for over 5 weeks, I just went to the BMW dealer and told them I wanted an BMW OEM windshield (I had the heads up display and wanted a BMW replacement windshield) and to bill USAA. Well - don't you know USAA calls me immediately and tells me they won't pay. I point out the claim hadn't been updated in weeks - they made an exception but told me that would be the only time.

Extremely disappointing, really. And I'm all in with them - banking, investment, car/home insurance, and life insurance. I would not recommend them today.