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Originally Posted by stein_325i View Post
I have a feeling JLR may push back that 2025 deadline.

JLR Cancels Electric Road Rover, Jaguar J-Pace Likely Dead As Well
This seems to confirm/restate what was said in the article posted above by IllSic_Design. Basically, Jaguar isn't building any more vehicles on the mixed-use MLA architecture. It's all EMA from here on out. So, to me, this is right inline with the plan to go all electric.

As for Land Rover, the loss of the "Road Rover" isn't surprising. This product was conceived when soft roaders were the thing. Now, everyone wants an off road vehicle again, so they likely realized they already had the line-up they needed (and that this abomination would probably do more harm than good).

Originally Posted by chassis View Post
Yes, not surprising to me. There are use cases that EVs are simply not able to address today. Changing a brand’s lineup to all-electric excludes that brand from those use cases. It doesn’t make business sense to me.

I’m not making predictions, but it won’t surprise me to see the bold statement from the likes of California or GM get revised, delayed, or similar. The technology is simply not ready for a complete changeover from ICE.
I agree that some of these lines in the sand will be moved. It's a negotiation process, and these lines are really just aggressive demands.

However, when it comes to Jaguar, their business was already headed for the toilet, so they might as well go all in. Be it 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040 whatever, it's coming. And it is a big uphill battle to get investors to buy into a complete redux of a legacy vehicle corporation. You have ample manufacturing capacity and at least some semblance of a battery supply chain built up already which is more than some of the new players can say. In the free market, that alone is worth more than the flagging legacy product portfolio right now.
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