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Originally Posted by VisualEcho View Post
I think you have me on hundreds of hours.

I much prefer GT Sport.
Preference is subjective. As I said, GT Sport has a lot of good things going for it, like visuals (good HDR implementation), choice of cars, and public multiplayer with full lobbies, safety ratings and regular races. It'a probably best for casual online racing, miles better than AC or PC2, where multiplayer can be a mayhem. It however suffers badly from atrocious AI in single player races, weak/nonexistent weather/surface simulation and has very poor track selection, with a lot of made up circuits. Physics is ok, good enough for something that isn't a hardcore sim like iRacing.

You can have a lot of fun with that game, and it's a must buy for someone with a PS4, who's into racing, but it sounds like you don't really have enough experience to judge them. You don't even own a wheel.... wtf