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Originally Posted by premier3is View Post
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I agree with you as well, certainly there can be a way around it if one really saw it as a huge problem that needed to be addressed.

I don't see it as a huge problem though. I think instead of trying to further a nanny state that we all start taking some responsibility for our own actions instead of blaming whatever we did on something else / a manufacturer. That won't happen though. Or at least I see it as a low probability.
I agree, we do need to take into account our own actions. But the problem is causing an accident with others which could potentially be fatal. And that is why I think something like this would be nice since there are far too many incidents these days due to people using their phones on the road.

Anyways, sorry for the sidetrack OP! back to the topic of the thread lol
Hey, I'm all for sidetracks. The tangential conversation was applicable and relevant.