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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Because, oh, I don't know, a human can run faster than 5 mph?

And if the joggers suddenly can't listen to Spotify or similar while running, well, if I were the human that created this software that shut down their apps, I'd certainly make sure I was able to run faster than them for a sustained distance....
You got to have an analytical and problem solving mindset man. Cant just say it wont work, got to try to work around the potential problems that could occur.

Pretty sure there can be a number of ways to go around this. Ones I can think of on top of my head right now:

1.) monitor speed fluctuations for 30-60 seconds before the software turns on to recognize you are in a vehicle.

2.) raise the speed limit to 10mph...

3.) encode an on/off button (although this would potentially defeat the purpose since people would forget to turn it on or just ignore it)

4.) Recognize a bluetooth connection to the vehicle only (since you can use bluetooth headphones and such for running), and turn on application.

Just showing you there can be many ways around the problem, just got to be willing to solve it and put in an effort.
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