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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
Guess what I think all those countries can take care of themself and a lot better then we did for last so many years. We only made more war and fighting. I bet if we ever left 100% they would all find some peace after a few years. That's just natural order of things. Our presence there is only military what good is that. I think we learned this is pointless and everyone loses them and us. I think we lost so many ppl and so much money that didn't get us anyhing at all except now our country is filled with crazy ppl and warmongers. Who needs more crazy ppl. Get us 100% out!
I disagree with more war and fighting due to the usa, it the god damn middle east they been fighting as long as man has recorded history and will continue to fight long after we no longer are part of this mortal coil