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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
El Oh El

VC closer to patek than ALS...

Patek and ALS are in the top tier of watches. Majority handmade, multi complication movements in precious metal cases that arent mass produced.

VC is akin to AP, Rolex, JLC (even though JLC has made and/or makes movements for everyone mentioned in my post) etc.

Rolex are really, in terms of watchmaking and complexity, below those watches as well. If not for their expert marketing and world renowned name, they would not be as sought after as they are. Even in the true watch collector circles, Rolex isnt a staple. If not for their branding, youd talk about Rolex in the same breath as Tudor (their lower tier brand with Rolex engineering and fingerprints all over their watches and movements) and Omega.
Please note... the marketing, branding and history is a HUGGGEEEE part of all of this. While Rolex certainly doesn't have the complex movements or rarity or specialty of AP, Patek, ALS etc etc... it has massive world renown as a luxury item not just a watch. It's recognized above all of the above as a symbol of status. AP probably will not be known outside of the watchworld or by enthusiasts... I could go around ask 10 people and all 10 would know Rolex, maybe 2 would know what AP is... that alone is humongous. The other big names only really have a meaning for enthusiasts and collectors.