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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
i am loving the new sea dweller 126660. for the rolex pros:

what is a fair ad price for this watch new? i am seeing $14-15,000 range.

what is the general consensus on resale value say 5 and 10 years from now? the older generation 116660 seem to be taking a dive right now and great deals can be had.

im sure just like buying exotic cars there is an ideal way/time to buy and resell taking little to no hit or maybe even making a few bucks over time. i just need to be educated in the watch game .
You can check to get a sense of what people are asking for a certain model. Asking and getting are two different things.

As far as resale values, the last two gens of Sea Dwellers are kind of a bargain right now. They have definitely dropped and seem to be a better deal than the more popular subs.
I've been watching this market for a while. I have my eye on either a DRSD or a 1665 Rail Dial Sea Dweller. For a while, prices were completely out of hand. I believe most stopped buying them. I'm content to wait.
The 16660 has gone up pretty quickly as well. It seems to be following the 1665 in pricing trends. Some private buys can be found for decent prices with and without documentation. Others are just plain stupid with the prices they're asking.
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