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Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
I know of someone who was a police officer in the city of Sacramento around the 90's and he mentioned that he quit after he shot/killed a suspect. He didn't get into too much detail but it was either the suspect or him who would get shot. That shooting rattled him and forced him into depression and guilt.

You have probably answered this already but have you engaged in deadly fire and if so, have you killed/wounded anyone? Every officer handles shooting differently, however, how did you take it if you were involved?
I have exchanged gunfire with criminals in the past, and it is not a pleasant situation to be in whatsoever. If you've never been shot at - and I would wager that nobody/very few here [outside of the other cops/military on the forum] have unless members of Bimmerpost regularly engage in gang activity - it is downright scary, especially if/when it's rifle fire. Most ceramic armor plates are good for one round from an AR/AK, and a level IV rifle armor plate can typically hold up to a round from a .30.08 when coupled with a level IIIA concealable vest; poly or steel can handle multiple AR/AK rounds, but they are heavier, so most officers use ceramic. The odds suck!!! With that said, I feel for your friend. Shootings do, indeed, affect members of law enforcement differently, and some people do react very emotionally to shooting/killing someone. Fortunately I am not the type of person who would experience any emotional struggle if I killed someone who has/had every intention on ending my life.