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Originally Posted by M3PGH View Post
Does windshield tint alert you more than just side windows? More reason to pull that person over? Seems it throws officers off more in my area as I've been pulled a few times
Tinted windows are common, so it doesn't alert us more in the sense that there's some obvious reaction to a car with tinted windows. What does occur is subconscious; if I can't see into the car I naturally become more cautious. A car with an obvious infraction just makes it easier to develop reasonable suspicion to effect a traffic stop.

Originally Posted by pennsiveguy View Post
Here's one, and I apologize if it's been covered earlier.

If you're setup checking cars' speeds with radar and/or laser and one of the cars hits their brakes, whether or not you got an excess speed reading on them, are the brake lights an admission of guilt?
No. Also keep in mind that we've already clocked you long before you actually see us, so braking really is immaterial, and we can't see the brake lights anyway.