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Originally Posted by M_Chronos View Post
My understanding is that the motor is not integrated. It is a belt driven starter / generator to make start / stop and the coasting sailing mode more efficient and seamless.
While this is true, even the Mercedes M256 implementation (for example) where the motor is sandwiched between the engine and transmission is still only a 48V system and cannot power the vehicle on its own (for any appreciable length of time).

It's likely true that a belt driven "full hybrid" would not be practical in the real world. Still, it's an implementation detail (even though I agree BMW's is inferior on a purely technical basis). Practically speaking, the real answer to the question "Is it a 'true' hybrid?" is "Does the electric motor move the car on its own or not?". I'd suggest this is the basis on which vehicles are and, hopefully, will continue to be counted / not-counted toward "electrified vehicle" sales (for those keeping score).