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You are asking questions that devolve into, "which stock should I buy?" discussions.

Always have equity exposure, as much as your stomach allows, plus a little more.

Yes, growth stocks will outperform. They always do, that's why they are called growth stocks.

Dividends across the market have been declining over the past several decades, I see no reason for the trend to reverse. In its place, stock buybacks have become more popular as a way of returning capital to investors. Retirees in the 1970s and 1980s use the "bonds and dividend stocks" formula with some degree of success. I don't see this as today's reality. Today's interest rates have driven bond yields to the floor, and with expectations of rising interest rates, bond fund price risk is a reality. Dividends have already been discussed, they are becoming less important than they were in the past.

The sector questions you ask (mining, REITs) are close to "what stock should I buy?" questions. Those aren't macro questions. If you like mining, and have special knowledge about it, buy mining stocks. Same comment for REITs and any other sector or stock.

2000cs what sector or industry are you most familiar with, for example from your working career? That is a basis for special knowledge.

I have an industrial and financial background. I am comfortable assessing these types of companies; I know what good looks like, and what it doesn't look like. Recently I was asked my opinion of a mining company in another country, ran it through my investing criteria, combined it with whatever special knowledge I have, and said, "No." Another person with more special knowledge than I have may have said, "Yes."
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