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Inflation Strategies

Been thinking about inflation for several reasons, and then wondering what strategies you all have in mind as investors or as consumers.

Why am I thinking inflation? Because we’re well past the end of the usual 20ish year cycle of interest rates falling and have been at bottom about 10 years. The cycle should, absent Fed intervention, be on the rise now. And with rising interest rates we usually see rising inflation. There are other reasons to expect rising inflation from a macro perspective. And of course this year we have had a pretty big jump in wholesale and retail prices. The Fed originally called these temporary but more recently suggests the temporary period may be extended.

So for the purpose of this thread, let’s assume inflation is back and will run for at least a decade. Say averaging 5-6% but could be higher. What would you do as a consumer, what would you invest in, and what would you divest?
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