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Originally Posted by shay2nak View Post
Still using a 1st gen SE. Not gonna upgrade until they come out with an iPhone Nano. The mini should have been the standard model and the actual mini should have been a 4.7" screen. Dummies.
Lol I still have my 1st gen SE as a backup.
I just can't see myself being excited about new phones these days when the changes to newer models are so subtle while the old older models still get the job done.

If it weren't for the cracked screen on my Gen 1 SE I would still be using it right now.
My employer offers to furnish and pay for a mobile and service, so I took them up on the XR even when the 12 just came out. That wasn't even long ago… and now the 13 is coming out?
I can't keep up. As soon as the 13 comes out, they are already working on the 14.
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