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Originally Posted by KenB925 View Post
I've gone pretty deep. Milling flour and such.

I think the most pizzas I ever made for a neighborhood party was 18 - 20. Each batch of dough is good for 6 pizzas, and I usually have to make 1 or 2 that are eight gluten free or cauliflower crusts, I have also made Einkorn (supposed to be more digestible for those with wheat issues).

Anyway, good times, but Covid has definitely slowed my pizza parties.
Same. Im not milling my own flour though, I have easy access to imported 00 using the softer wheat so I just stick with that.

I WAS making my own cheese too but even that, I honestly found some good quality stuff locally so I just buy. But honestly the dough and sauces are stupid easy to make the night before and do a slow-rise. Get your own tomato and herb garden, etc. Then doing it on wood or coal and you get that nice little smoky funk in the char.

I really pushed myself to make one every week until I got it down, then it was all about pizza parties pre-covid. Im about to have neighbors over tomorrow for a mini party mainly to show my neighbor this callabrian chili sausage for it. There is a funny backstory where he accidentally made a pizza with thai chilis so I figured Id show him what a good spicy pizza was supposed to be.
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