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Originally Posted by KenB925 View Post
I've gone pretty deep. Milling flour and such.

I think the most pizzas I ever made for a neighborhood party was 18 - 20. Each batch of dough is good for 6 pizzas, and I usually have to make 1 or 2 that are eight gluten free or cauliflower crusts, I have also made Einkorn (supposed to be more digestible for those with wheat issues).

Anyway, good times, but Covid has definitely slowed my pizza parties.
As a newb who one day (maybe when I'm retired at this point) is interested in building a pizza oven (or in some manner acquiring one) - I always had it in my head that the wood would be below a layer of stone heating it up and the pizza would go on this stone.

I see this is not the case from your pictures - interesting. So the fire is tucked away in the corner then, and it creates enough heat to get the stones hot enough to cook the dough then?

Do you put the dough right on the stones (looks like it) or use a pan? I would have wondered about the sanitary aspects of cooking right on the stone, even though I suppose it would be hot? So many things I'm learning from these pictures.

Mostly how much I love pizza though.

Place by me uses three day cold risen dough and it is far and away a better dough than any of the other chains.
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