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So how many VA's have you been to as a patient? Me - I've been to several, including to have major work done from blast injury while working as a government official overseas.

The bulk of my experience at the VA was far worse than the normal hospital care I've received before or since. So bad, as a matter of fact, that I refuse to go anymore - even though I could get the care gratis, I pay to go to a regular hospital.

What care have you been provided at the VA?
many. i am a veteran with three deployments. i am also a physician that has previously worked at a VA hospital, a university hospital and a for profit hospital. i have been in the medical field for over 25 years. soooo, i have AMPLE direct experience to discuss these issues.
No your wrong!! These guys who just make up their info know more then you. Summary so far according to them is that there is no healthcare consolidation happening right now and va doctors are not the same ones affiliated with big famous universities, what else oh yea doctors are pocketing almost 100% of what gets billed to insurance and so rich doctors are the source of waste. Insurance companies are just trying to be nice and help ppl but govt regulated them too much. What else? These are all the alternative facts these insane republicans here stick to. If you show them real info they will cry and throw some memes at you. Be careful around here haha good luck!!