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Originally Posted by grocerylist View Post
My wife has a pediatric radiologist friend in SF that rents a place for $5000/month for a 2 bedroom up near Coit Tower. It's silly but I guess when you make $400k+/year money isn't a consideration for some people.
Unless youíre making a whole lot more than 400k a year, you should still be worried by that kind of rent But at that price point youíre paying more for convenience and location, which some view as worth it.

Myself, doing ok by Bay Area standards in terms of value to amenities - 10 min commute, 1/3rd acre and decent sq footage, but itís not our first home. A bit worried that decline in boomers and more jobs from local firms moving out of state will depress things over the long run. Bay Area people always assume itís always going to go up but that wonít mean squat if thereís some big structural shifts which is entirely possible at these kind of price points.