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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
I used to do more powerlifting oriented workouts when I was younger. I'm 36 now and value my joints/tendons so now I stick to strict bodybuilding workouts; perfect form, keeping time under tensions, slow negatives, and drop sets. It's working great for me.
Yep saw you on your pic , and it looked good !
Only downside I saw was a little lack on difinition ,cause is water retention perhaps too much of creatine ?

Your program sounds good, but keep in mind that our human body is really quickly used to the shock of the exercises...
That's why I'm changing my program every 3 months and on every 4th month I'm going for a full month of super sets , but after a month it's Oughhh...and after I'm going back to normal program .

And yes bro , do you remember => "No Pain No Gain" ?
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