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Originally Posted by Turkish Pickle View Post

what are your thoughts on juuls or similar variants? they're vapes, technically, but without the big clouds
Those things I don't mind, and from what I see, are more socially acceptable than those electronic bricks, emitting clouds that make me wish my prescription glasses had fog lights. It's not so much the vaping device as the "bro" persona attached to the vaping scene. It's basically the same thing as the Fast/Furious crowd. It's just "those guys" in general. Each group of "bro's", that is into a particular scene, are only respected or seen as "cool" by the other "bro's" associated with said scene. To the rest of us, they just look like some douche, trying way too hard at being accepted by other people in their clique, but we are all guilty of it.

Smoker's are a dying breed, which is good. That shit is terrible for you. I smoke because I enjoy it. I also smoke cigars, pipes, tires and fools (like it ain't no thang - R.I.P Eazy E). I don't smoke to fit in or look cool, I simply enjoy sucking cancerous ash. I think people who smoke cigarettes are actually the outcasts these days. Fewer and fewer people are doing it. It's funny how smokers look down on vapers, vapers look down on smokers and non-smokers just want to tell us how we are going to die of cancer, while their asses shove other harmful food and/or chemicals down their gullet.

At the end of the day, we all have shit that we are in to and cliques that we associate in. Technically we shouldn't judge other people for what they think is cool or choose to be a part of. However, I am human and stereotyping people for how they look, how they speak and what they think is cool, is what we do. Until I am no longer human, I will freely judge the shit out of and make fun of everyone I's what I do. Vape on young lad, just stay away from toting about a f'n car battery attached to small gas tank containing your favorite blend of cotton candy vagina and pina colada panty liner vape juice.

Originally Posted by Turkish Pickle View Post
a personal pet peeve though? people who act as if you are dumb as a rock. not only it's condescending, it becomes a zero-sum game if you underestimate the person across you, without even helping you personally...
I deal with this daily as well. Maybe not the same, but similar to people who think you are more obtuse than they are and expect you to believe the bullshit they try to feed you. It doesn't bother me that I recognize their ignorance, what does bother me is that these stupid people, actually think, I am less intelligent than they are as they walk away thinking I bought the bullshit they freely spew.

Always try to remember that their treating you as an idiot says nothing about you, but everything about them. Also remember, rarely is it acceptable to call them out on it or draw attention to it to others. Those smart enough to pick up on it, most certainly do; drawing attention to it makes you less of a gentleman.

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