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Originally Posted by Nikki
Long story:
I just moved to a new school in a new town right before I got my license so I was unfamiliar with the roads. I was used to my little ocean town in connecticut and i moved into the boonies up by massachusetts.

Someone told me his car broke or something at school and he didn't have a ride so I told him I would give him a ride home. I asked him where he lived and he told me he would tell me as I went, and I didn't like that too much and asked him to tell me before we stated driving but he wouldn't. I told him to take me a main way even if it was longer because I was unfamiliar with the backroads. He said ok but took me backroads anyway apparently without telling me because we didn't go on one main road.

He kept telling me the whole time how slow my car was and saying it was a dumb Honda. Everyone in that town was obsessed with trucks and mustangs so I tried to ignore it but it got to me. So there was like a 1/4 mile straight away so I punched it and got up to like 70 mph on a 30mph road (derr I was stupid).

I started slowing down because I saw a curve was coming up ahead and thought I could take it at like 30mph and the kid I was with never said anything until it was too late. I was about to take the corner and he said "uhm you're not going to make this corner"... (thanks...) so I slammed on the brakes and then let off and tried to take the corner but it was more than a 90 degree turn, it actually was like a u-turn almost and it was raining out and autumn so there were wet leaves all over the road. I didn't make the turn and hit a pole. If I hadn't hit a stupid pole they placed right at the corner then I would have been fine, but there was a pole sitting there. I probably hit it at 30mph. I was later told that where I crashed was the worst turn in town and that someone crashed there at least once a month. I guess that kid wanted me to crash because he told me he was taking me a main way and didn't tell me there were any u-turns ahead...jerk.

Car was totalled, I was basically fine, the kid was fine. I had a concussion, abrasions (from the airbag hitting me in the face) , and my back and right leg hurt for a month. Everyone at school made fun of me and laughed at me because I was "the dumb new girl with an import that thought she could drive stick but crashed". That is until I got an Integra GS-R, then they all thought I was cool again but no one would talk to me still. I never fit in, I just hung out with my dad all of the time.

Short story:
I was on a road I didn't know trying to show off. It was raining and autumn so there were wet leaves on the ground. I tried to take a curve I thought was about 30mph but it turned out being almost a u-turn so I hit a pole that was strategically placed right on the corner. I was later told that where I crashed was the worst turn in town and that someone crashed there at least once a month.
Live and learn!
At least you sound more mature nowdays