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Originally Posted by spetsnazos View Post
I just watched the portion you referenced, yeah this native Russian. I'd have to watch that full documentary to see how I feel about it but the fact still stands, this HBO series is yet another Cold War propaganda piece disguised as "education" and "drama".

Trying to portray this whole thing as a cover up is pretty shameless. The whole world and everyone within the Soviet Union knew what happened within 48 hours...

Let's not throw stones. This isn't Nixon.
Nixon covered up some of his guys who stole some of the other party’s paperwork prior to an election, bad but nobody died it didn’t cause birth defects for many years after and he was forced out of office and men went to prison for what his admin did.

The Soviets on the other hand tried to coverup the worst nuclear accident in history, thousands died and likely more dying this day due to effects of U-235 and no one at the kremlin was held to task and punished.
Thousands of Russians including construction, scientists, engineers, workers, soldiers, politicians admitted the atrocities that occurred from the shody building of the plant, running of the plant, the test that caused the explosion, keeping the news of that explosion from the world hush and idiotic attempts to try to stop it and today the sarcophagus built to contain the beast is failing.
You are in a miniscule minority of Russians who have the gall to try to deny what history has proven fact. Nearly all Russians now admit what happened then and take responsibility. You speak like a Pravda editorial page, pure communist propaganda from the 50’s, so much so it’s laughable. The USSR is long gone, open your eyes and see what the word Pravda really means. Stand up, Be a man and take responsibility.

Comparing the crazy NK hermit kingdoms ridiculous fiction to the American/ British story of Chernobyl's factual history with thousands of actual Russians admitting it actually happened is both pathetic and comical.
I’ll say it again, research and read actual books accounting on what happened from thousands of those Russians who were there.

While you’re at it, check out books about the shooting down of KAL flight 007 from the same era of the Soviet Union and the coverup that was dreamed up by the boys in the kremlin. Even the pilot who pulled the trigger admitted the horror. So don’t even try to play holier then thou about the sanctity of the politburo in Moscow at the time. They were bad actors on the world stage and the fact that the govt utterly imploded and collapsed is evidence of that.
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