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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Do you think Rolex (for instance) work in a complete vacuum? That they have never dismantled a competitors watch to see their way of doing something and then copied it? Just look at Apple and Samsung happily copying each others tech for a more obvious example.
I'm not going to get into a huge debate with you because you will likely never see why it's wrong for someone to steal someones logo and make money off of a companies reputation, advertising, operational cost...

If you had a clothing line, let's call it SenorFunkyPants and I decided to make a clone for half the cost, you would have no issues with that? I think you charge too much and am offering a service to people who want to pay less. Right?

As far as Samsung Apple is concerned, hear about the $1billion lawsuit in favor of Apple?

Originally Posted by PINeely View Post
There is a very good reason that patents run out after a period of time. In your utopian world where nobody uses anyone else's ideas and only those who have done R&D are allowed to sell a design, everything costs WAY WAY WAY more to recoup the R&D and everyone who isn't selling a product is broke. Like you I want and like the real McCoy but a capitalistic society can't exist if everyone is bent over paying the proprietary tax on everything that they buy.
I am a total capitalist and totally agree with you. I was never arguing that all patents should last forever. But more often than not, patents are trampled on while they are hot and before the original individual has a chance to recoup their cost. A capitalist society can't exist if consumers are "bent over" paying "proprietary taxes" but conversely can not survive if patents are not respected as well.