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Originally Posted by antych View Post
Index is overall best VR if you judge the whole package, controllers, tracking, software support, etc. It's good if you care about "room scale" VR, ie. walking around your living room, picking stuff up, shooting guns.

None of that matters in sim racing. So you're better off buying something with crap controllers but higher resolution like Reverb.

Index is good, but not $1k good. Unless you don't care about cost and buy it for room scale type of games. Otherwise you buy Quest which is wireless and costs 1/3 as much.
I am fairly tech challenged, but wouldn't the 120hz refresh on the Index be the best sim racing solution? I understand it has less resolution, but is that as big a deal as refresh rate? I watched some reviews and the HP doesn't even compare imo. If I bought the stand alone headset it is only $500 and the HP is $650.