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Originally Posted by aus View Post
I see, but why would an AD sell to a grey market dealer when they have a long list of buyers? They must be buying above MSRP?
A couple reasons that ive seen.

The flipper/GM dealer will buy several of the none moving watches as well as the sought after models.

the AD or just the sales guy gets a kickback of profits

They will pay a premium to get the watch. ADs cant sell for over MSRP and its the quickest way to get their AD status pulled. However, you will see some selling accessories or other small items for a high cost. So you get the Sub C for 8750 (or whatever MSRP is now) and then a set of $5 earrings for $500.

Also, some ADs wont take waiting list names. So when they get one in, its first repeat customer that comes in gets it. The flippers buy enough to develop a good relationship with the AD and can get that preferential treatment.
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