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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
This sounds like future me.

I'll be starting my IM Residency in a few months. Any suggestions for which field provides a great lifestyle/salary balance? Not going to some prestigious academic program so I'm sure Cardio/GI are out...not that I even cared for them in the first place.

Honestly thinking Hospitalist or outpatient practice. This is just a means for me to live comfortably and pursue my passion for cars.
to me doing general outpatient was the best. because if you don't know something you can just punt it off to the specialists to figure it out. there are no emergencies either, if someone is very sick just send them to the ER. I can show up late to work as well and take off whenever i feel like.

plus when i finished IM residency at 29... i was completely burnt out on studying/school. the thought of grinding another 3 years to make an extra 100k a year before taxes didn't seem worth it. I had already given up my 20s to school and didn't wanna give up my 30s.

hospitalist is another good gig if you don't mind the hours and paging. My brother does that and makes a good 50k/year more than me. Works 12 hour shifts for 2 weeks straight, and then is off for 2 weeks straight.

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