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I work for my self so managing my time is what it's all about, I take winters off BUT Spring'ish to November 1st I work 6 days a week 70+ hours

I have a number every season I need to meet, house payments, savings, vacations etc.
After I make my yearly # I go in slow mode, more money is great but I don't need it, ok to then fly to the keys randomly in October or Cabo for some deep water fishing or plan Euro Delivery for a new BMW

When you have enough income to live well, enjoy what you do and save a good amount what's the point of more income? You can only eat 1 steak per night

I'm not going to be 2xs happier with 2xs more income

I asked how many hours bmw employees @ the plant work, 35 mother fu**ing hours! we laugh at that back in the states but when I asked how/why Is that possible? Answer: Sanity, We SHOULD Balance work & life better