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Originally Posted by DETRoadster View Post
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I haven't taken "a position" on anything, since the facts aren't in.... But since you mentioned it:

- part of what the Russians are accused of hacking are the voter databases in IL and IA - which are made publicly available,

- the focus of the investigations is "did the Russians hack," and completely ignores that the DNC, Hillary, and the rest of the idiots had highly sensitive information on private email servers, being printed off by maids, sitting on Weiner's unsecured laptop, etc.

If this wasn't a Witch Hunt, there would be a parallel investigation into Hillary, the DNC, and the Obama Administration. And further investigations into criminal charges for Hillary, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz.

But it is a Witch Hunt, so don't expect that.
So the Republican controlled Congress and White House are holding off on the parallel investigation of HRC, the DNC, and Obama because, why?
Because they are ineffectual idiots. The WH gets a semi-pass, as they have a lot to do and this would be a distraction; it's the job of Congress and the DoJ.
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