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Fuel pump / Engine dying ? E60 525i problems

So i have a 2005 E60 525i SE ( the N52 engine) , Manual. I've had it for 3 years, it's currently on 114k miles and I haven't had a single problem with the car over the time I've owned it. I've done 25-30k miles with it so far.

A few weeks ago I've noticed that when I first start the engine (after not using the car for a few hours) it starts first time no problem but the revs drop to the point the car almost stalls. If i turn it off and then back on, it doesn't happen again, everything is fine but if i do leave it just idling for a few minutes at some point the revs will jump up/down just one time. Otherwise the revs are stable.

Now, when i'm driving, while most of the time it's normal, at certain times it feels like the cars power isn't smooth and the car will randomly jerk. When accelerating it will sometimes have a weird lag where it would feel literally the same way as when you accelerate in an automatic car and it downshifts before pulling away, but my car is a manual so that's just weird? These ( i assume it's fuel) fuel related problems don't happen all the time but it does happen 2-3 times every time i'm driving.

Lately I've been starting to hear weird "rattling" sounds coming from the front of the car. It only happens when revving the car both in neutral as well as in gear. The noise is loudest between 1.5-2k rpm and the sound of the rattling increases together with the revs. ( i assume i can't hear it past 2k rpm because the engines noise overpowers the rattling at that point). On top of that my car has shown me a warning light for low oil level exactly one month, as well as today and i've only driven about 1000 miles since the last top up. It doesn't seem to have an oil leak and it's been serviced a few months ago so I'm assuming the rattling as well as the oil disappearing might have something in common.

I'm assuming the fuel problems are simply a fuel pump issue but i have no idea what the rattling is but it does sound really worrying as it's getting worse and worse with each day.