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Originally Posted by TheBingoBalls View Post
This is not aimed directly at you but I really want to know why people think BMW is not focusing on an electric future. Everything BMW has done with regards to hybrid/electric vehicles is for this alone. Everyone is looking at these vehicles individually and thinking "that's all BMW has got or can come up with". No, these are all small steps towards EV vehicles - BMWi, BMW e vehicles/hybrid vehicles are all done to gain real-world information.

People like giving Tesla the benefit of the doubt but if you ask me, it's a lot easier for brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi to crack that EV code than it is for Tesla to offer vehicles that rival the quality of the Germans.

If BMW/Audi/Mercedes all had a true Model 3 or Model S competitor, how many would still pick Tesla? If the Taycan was more affordable, would Tesla even be a choice?
They'd still choose Tesla. Tesla is the Apple of the automotive sector.

BMW is done. They cannot survive in their current form under the current regulatory climate.

I predict a wave of mergers within the next decade. Countries will look to protect them as much as possible in order to delay having to pick up the pension bill. Zombie companies!!!!:
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