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..::PSI::.. Performance BMW Magazine features Marcin Gortat's M5, Built by PSI!

This photoshoot happened in February 2010 of this year, and was featured in the October 2010 issue of Performance BMW Magazine. I literally took pictures of the issue with a point & shoot camera, as our scanner was not wanting to cooperate earlier, so I apologize in advance for some slightly off looking pictures of the article. It's large enough to read, however, which is the point. I suggest going out and getting the issue while you still can!

For many of you this will be an official "YES, this is Marcin Gortat's M5, after all!" Please understand we chose to respect our customer's wishes for privacy until we(and him) were approached by the magazine. That's why we usually did not answer PMs or questions regarding whose car it was prior to this article.

There is a lot of G-Power stuff happening at the shop within the next couple months, and perhaps more magazine features of our customer's cars in the end!

Here's the article; all 7 pages of it

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