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Calm down lol.

They can't make you sign their contract, even though they'll probably hound you if they're slow right now.

Ding ding ding on neighbors. If there cost was lower, relatively same size home, don't freak out. Materials are basically commodities. Asphalt jumps the most but I'm guessing so do barrels. Decking bounces too. If they run into bad decking DO NOT LET THEM JUST COVER OVER. Having a few sheets in their order is peanuts. Don't let them convince you otherwise.

Fyi: Before seeing the house I guessed 40-50.
That shite is heavy and those guys have to get paid. Also have to take it all and unload at the dump...$ per pound.

I'm rusty but I think you'll want that old composition stripped off. Unnecessary weight and heat conductor.

All those ticky tac charges they mentioned sound squirrelly.

The sales rep should look you in the eye and you in turn trust he or she. If they give you the willys...think twice.

[Get payment squared away BEFORE you sign. Some weasels will try and get start up payment, 1/3 usually, and then the balance immediately upon completion. You pay in full when completed, inspected by foreman and your yard is spotless.
If they can't afford materials and need start up monies...PASS.

I've owned two contractor companies for 15 years now and if you aren't willing to put money down then I automatically assume YOU are the weasel. I can afford to float jobs and do all the time for regular clients but never for new. There are way too many scammers out there on both sides. I fully research clients before starting by checking county databases, saved me many times when you see multiple contractor liens against them. This all said some people pay their deposits with credit cards, most of the time they don't even clear before the job is done. This rule just saved me two weeks ago. Potential client kept ignoring the deposit requirements so I passed, county showed liens. I give current clients 30 days to pay.
I've never asked for money upfront, 1st check I get is when my supplier delivers the material pallet on site, customer gives me the 1st 33% check, if the job is complex the progress payments are in 1/4's and so on

Check data base? No way, I see a customers face and I make the decision if I'm going to work for him/her lol, I'm not sears, I'm not looking for headaches

Doing this all my life, since before I could drive, I've had 1 job and 1 job only, people skills is a good part of it

To OP, when you hire someone be smart, first check references (visually) ask if they've done work around you, Trust your gut, plan B is go to a supply house near, hangout for an hour, talk to some customers (roofers) give them your details for a price, it's nice to get 3 bids minimum