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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post

Fyi: Be wary of the really low and high bids. Too low means they will likely surprise you later. The really high bid means he really doesn't want the job unless he can high gross you.
In project management I try to explain this to the accountants damn near every project. They never listen. More often than not, the cheapest quote will put you over budget.

Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
Here are a few pics of front, rear and attic (each taken right before Hurricane Irma), as well as a pic of a valley issue that needed repair this week. It gives and idea of whatís under the tiles - plywood with some type of membrane. House is 2,645 under air, 3,641 total incl. garage and covered patio / entry. First estimate has us just above 5,000 sq. ft. (or 50 squares) for roof.

I am weary of any roofing contractor because I am pretty ignorant on roofing. Iíve been trying to read up but itís a bit overwhelming... This is not going to be a find-the-lowest-cost-guy project. I donít want to do this more than once or be dealing with preventable issues a few years down the road. At the same time, just picking the highest quote guarantees nothing. I need to figure out how to educate myself enough to get comfortable with who we select and how they will do the job.

Good tip on insurance. Iíll check paperwork. I hesitate to call them right now in hurricane season because if they get the idea we are thinking about replacing the roof the fuckers might try to drop us. Insurance in FL sucks.
Oh holy shit! You're going to want to have a pillow close by to bite.

Nice house btw!